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Daisy with pollen on her nose

Caught! Daisy maintains she wasn't in the flowers, but her yellow nose tells a different story!


It’s a beautiful spring afternoon and we just finished lunch on the balcony.  The barbecue has had a real workout over the past few days, Aude has been busy potting plants, and all around us the trees are beginning to bloom.  It’s getting tougher and tougher to spend time in the office, staring out the window at the glorious weather outside and hoping that it lasts until the weekend.  This weekend we’ve been lucky — the weather has lasted and the weekend as been picture-perfect.

I made the mistake of taking my winter tyres off too early last year, just in time for a late surprise snowfall, but this year I think I’ve left them on long enough.  We’re about to go on vacation for a few weeks, but after we get back I think I can safely remove them without the danger of an early May snowfall.

We are getting excited about our upcoming vacation — a few days in Singapore followed by a week-and-a-half in northern Vietnam.  Friends of ours were scheduled to visit Tokyo at the same time, but they’ve sensibly decided to take a detour and will be coming to Vietnam instead, so we’ll be able to catch up with them in Hanoi for dinner. 

For today, though, we need to juggle a mountain of laundry and my US tax return with a walk in the forest and some beautiful spring sunshine.  I suspect I know where my priorities lie…

I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of being excited about snow?  I think it has something to do with how often I get to see it.  My father grew up in Wisconsin, and after seeing snow nearly every day from November until March, I guess the novelty wears off a little.  But not for me.

Growing up, I lived in an area where we got snow every winter, but just enough that it was always exciting.  When I moved to the UK, we might get a few inches each year, but never very much and it would never stick around very long.  So living in a place with regular snowfall is new to me.

Depending on which weather report you listen to, we’re expecting anywhere between 15-50cm of snow this weekend.  Less in Basel, I guess, more where we are due to the slightly higher elevation. Bring it on, I say.

Snow on fields

Snow on house

Snow on field

Snow on house

The snow tyres are on the car, and this morning was the first time I’ve ventured out on the roads before they were plowed.  The snow tyres make a big difference to the handling (it’s also the first time I’ve had snow tyres), and I was happy as could be, heater turned up and the heated seats doing they’re job at keeping my backside warm.

Snow build-up on windows

For a country that gets so much snow, the Swiss architects don’t seem to have made many design concessions.  I woke up this morning to find that shutters were frozen shut, and when I finally managed to get them open, I discovered that our angled windows are not steep enough that the snow slides off them – instead, it accumulates and blocks out all the light in the room!

Singapore Weather Report

Singapore Weather Report

I’m thinking that perhaps I haven’t picked the best weekend to do lots of sight-seeing around Singapore. At least based on the forecasts of heavy showers all weekend!

What a miserable weekend it’s been, with constant rain for most of the time. I’ve given up any hopes of summer arriving this year — at least we should get some sunshine in the south of France in a few weeks.

Saturday was largely a futile trip to London to get some bits and pieces for the wedding. Despite trawling all over London, I didn’t have much success and came home empty-handed.

Saturday afternoon was a Hawaii-themed barbeque at a friend’s house in London, in the pouring rain. The excitement was all too much for Aude…



Well, so much for my predictions of spring having finally arrived. Last week featured snow, hail, fog, and generally cold and crappy weather. Our clocks went forward this weekend, not only depriving me of an hour of valuable sleep but also leaving me in the darkness each morning. Much tougher to drag yourself out of bed when it’s pitch black outside than when the sun is coming up, and I was just getting used to light starts to my days.

I got home from church last night to discover that Aude had caught the earlier train back from Paris (she couldn’t resist my charm and had to race back as soon as she could). I earned brownie points for bringing back several of her favourite French goodies – even bringing the chocolate Easter bunny she’s been hankering for over the past few weeks. She, on the other hand, went to Paris – and I didn’t even get a lousy tee-shirt.

Spring is definitely on the doorstep. The sun was out and the birds were singing as I waited for my normal train, a real change from waiting in the dark as I have been all winter.

The only shame is that we start summer time soon – and I’ll lose my hour of morning sunshine for another couple of weeks at least!