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Time to blow some of the cobwebs off this website and make a new entry or two. Between getting everything ready for the baby at the end of last year and constantly running after the baby since she arrived, I haven’t been able to give this site the attention it needs. That, combined with a relatively light travel schedule last year, means that ‘Where’s Matthew’ has become somewhat neglected, if only because reading that Matthew is ‘at home’ is hardly a compelling prospect.


Tomorrow, it’s off to Fort Worth, Texas for the week.

I’m a well-traveled man, but something tells me that Texas will be more strange and foreign to me than many other distant lands.

At least one thing has made its way into my suitcase that I'm sure wasn't on the packing list!

At least one thing has made its way into my suitcase that I’m sure wasn’t on the packing list!

Men's and Women's hiking boots

The seasons are changing, and the last of the winter snows seem to be behind us.  Actually, they were behind us months ago.  We had an incredibly snowy November and December, then almost nothing since.

The skis have gone back into storage, and after 18 months here, I’ve finally succumbed to Swiss peer pressure and bought myself a pair of hiking boots.  No self-respecting Swiss person would be caught dead doing something without the right equipment for the job, and I got tired of getting disapproving looks from all the passers-by as we walked in the woods behind our house.  Even the deer shook their heads and cross the path, lest they be mistaken as being part of our hiking party.

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to update my blog, partly due to a heavy travel schedule at the end of the year and partly due to a much busier work life with my new role.  I have lots of photos that I need to get edited and added to the blog, and plenty of dialogue to accompany it, but for now a short update will have to do.

After a beautiful white Christmas with my parents here in Basel, I flew almost immediately after New Years to Hyderabad and Mumbai for a series of meetings.  Then it was over to New Jersey for a set of meetings, where heavy snows meant I got stuck on the runway at Newark airport for seven hours.  I arrived home a day late, just in time to take a quick shower and head out the door for a week’s skiing in Chamonix.

Skiing isn’t really the best way to describe what we did, because the slopes were mostly covered with ice.  There hadn’t been any new snow since the end of December, and it was nearly February when we went.

Back from Chamonix, a quick overnight in Munich and then over to Newark again for more meetings.  I managed to squeeze in a quick visit with my parents in Washington and do a little shopping.

Our thoughts now are turning towards vacation – we’re off to Paris and the north of France to visit with friends and family next weekend, and a week after that we’re off for two weeks to Singapore and Vietnam.  Can’t wait!