Matthew on the beachYou are visiting, where you can follow the life and times of Matthew.  Previously a management consultant, Matthew now works for a large international company in a role with responsibility for Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  Between his regional professional responsibilities, visiting his family in the United States and his friends scattered around Europe and the rest of the world, Matthew travels around a great deal.  When he’s not travelling for business, he is often travelling for pleasure.  His bank account may be empty, but his frequent flyer accounts are full.

Matthew is also a keen photographer, although the efforts on this blog are not the best examples.  His friends demand that he includes pictures with his blog updates (they don’t have very active imaginations, and in any case pictures save them from having to read all those pesky words).  While it would be great to carry around an SLR everywhere he goes, size and portability dictate that he takes pictures with whatever camera is available – SLR, compact, or even the one on his phone.

In the rare times that he is actually at home, he enjoys cooking, entertaining, and spending time with his wife and two cats.