Screaming monkey

Another long break between entries (and a reminder that I should go and upload some of my skiing photos at some point), but the first chance I’ve had to send an update from someplace exciting.

After three short days in Hong Kong, where we enjoyed good dim sum but mostly rainy weather, we arrived in Langkawi, an island off the coast of Malaysia. It’s been an adventure here – we had a tsunami warning on our second night, and the island is filled with wildlife which has been keeping us well-entertained. We stopped by the roadside to snap a quick picture of one of the cheeky Macaque monkeys – the next thing we knew, he’d jumped up onto the car and scared the life out of Aude, and six or seven of his friends quickly joined us. They’re everywhere on the island, and apparently very clever. They’ve worked out where the minibar is in each of the hotel rooms. Left to their own devices, they’ll happily raid the room and stage impromptu parties, getting drunk on the beer in the fridge.

Try explaining *that* on check-out.

We’re off today to Penang, another island about 120km away. It’s just a short hop on the plane, but a totally different experience from the rainforest we have here on Langkawi.