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Swiss B-Permit

Swiss B-Permit

A little bit more good news to report on our move to Switzerland. I have just had a phone call from my employer confirming that my residence permit has been approved. There was never really any doubt, as there are no longer quotas for EU citizens, but it’s nice to know that I won’t have any problems when I arrive.

I am back in Paris after a weekend in Basel, helping Aude to get settled into our new place. They’ve put us in a nice apartment, very close to the main train station and right behind the zoo. Our very friendly relocation agent even came to the station to meet us and gave us a detailed rundown of the flat…including the infamous rules for the shared washing room!

Aude in front of our apartment in Basel

Aude in front of our apartment in Basel

Our apartment in Basel

Our apartment in Basel, near the train station and just behind the zoo

Very red couch

The very red couch in our apartment — something to get us into the Swiss spirit?

Ikea furnishings

Looks like someone found a sale at Ikea

We arrived on Saturday, which was the Swiss National Day holiday. The fireworks in Basel are supposed to be spectacular, but they also take place at midnight on the day before, so we missed them. From what I could tell, celebrations on the day itself were limited to all the shops being closed and a few children setting off small fireworks in the neighbourhood. I expected bands, costumes, and flag-waving, but it wasn’t to be…

We were lucky with the weather on Saturday – a glorious day of sunshine and temperatures of 29C. Our luck wasn’t to last, though – Sunday was overcast and drizzly all day. We took the chance to grab a tram to some of the neighbourhoods that we’re considering for a permanent place, but given the weather, we decided to explore from the tram rather than on foot.


Good to know that there is a French restaurant around the corner, in case Aude gets cravings for home

The Basel Rathaus

The Basel Rathaus (Town Hall) in the centre of the city

Enjoying a cold beer

Aude enjoys a cold beer on a hot summer day

Matt drinking beer

Matt is relieved to be back in a city where he can afford to drink a beer.


I have no idea what this is, but it’s a little scary, no?


Moo. Lots of cows in Switzerland.


Are these frogs a little creepy, or is it just me?

Basel street scene

Basel street scene

Women in traditional dress

Caught these two women walking down the street, presumably to some sort of celebration for Swiss National Day.

Aude along the Rhine

Aude along the banks of the Rhine

Matt along the Rhine

Matt along the banks of the Rhine

Aude is settled in, and I packed her off to work on Monday morning for her first day, then caught the train back home. She’s been home before 7pm each evening (a real change from Paris!) and reports that the other children are playing nicely with her. I’m back in Paris trying to get the flat ready and tying up loose ends, plus looking after our little four-legged friends…

We’re off to the south of France for Jerome’s wedding this weekend – and crossing our fingers for some sunshine for a change!

Daisy asleep on the bed


Actually, it’s a cat’s life. Sometimes I wish my life was as simple as curling up on the bed and snoozing in the sunshine. Which is exactly what I did yesterday afternoon.

I used my last day at work as an excuse for leaving at lunchtime. I came home to find the cats curled up on the freshly-made bed, totally relaxed in the afternoon sunshine, and I couldn’t resist crawling into the bed myself and having a little afternoon snooze.

I won’t lie. It was bliss!