Finally, after a very hectic January and February, it’s time for a short break. I have been working hard with a new client, based in Paris, helping them manage the acquisition of another business. As always in this deals, we are working to impossible deadlines which means that we are working long hours.

So a few days skiing in the Alps is a welcome diversion. Despite reading of bitterly cold temperatures, we arrived yesterday to discover glorious, sunny weather and temperatures of 7C — not quite warm enough to ski in a T-shirt, but warm enough that we should be able to ski comfortably all day. Snow conditions are perfect, with more than 180cm (6ft) of snow on the slopes.

I am under strict instructions from the office not to break anything.

We hit the slopes for the first time this morning — then it’s a few days of raclette, tartiflette, and fondue. What a way to spend a long weekend!