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Normal programming will resume shortly

It’s been ages since I have updated my blog, which reflects the fact that I have been very, very busy. I finished my project in Switzerland & Barcelona. I had counted on a quiet December to catch up with life, but the fates are working against me.

I now find myself on another project, based primarily in Paris but which will probably see me travelling regularly to New York and less regularly to other far-flung parts of the globe as we integrate two businesses. At least I will get a chance to practice my French (it’s a French client) and my Air France Platinum status seems secure.

I have mountains of photos that I need to wade through to update this site, and as we come to the end of the year, my attention turns to Christmas and the New Year.

We will spend both holidays in Paris, dashing off to Berlin for a short break in between with some friends. If I am lucky, I might even find enough time to update this blog. And get the tree up… which was supposed to happen last weekend. Best endeavors and all that…

Back to the grindstone.