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I never realised what was missing from my life. Now I have discovered it.

Hours of fun:


Sainsbury aspirin. £0.14

I popped out to buy some aspirin today. Of course, this being France, means that I have to go to a real pharmacy, queue, and wait for a pharmacist to see me. Okay, I’ve become accustomed to this system, so I don’t fight it anymore. Although I still find it a crazy system.

It’s the cost that drives me crazy. 16 aspirin in the UK cost £0.14 at the local supermarket, or about €0.18 in Euromoney. At the local pharmacy, the same 16 aspirin cost me €4.90. Or 27 times more expensive.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have updated my blog, but that is mostly down to constant travel. I was in Switzerland for a few days, then Barcelona, then to Lisbon for a wedding, then back to Barcelona for a few days, and I am now finally back in Paris. It looks like I will actually get a full week in Paris this week (unless I have to go to London for the day on Friday – the outlook is 50/50 right now) followed by a week in the south of France. My first holiday in a year, and one that I am really looking forward to!

Darren and Lina’s wedding in Lisbon was fantastic – lots of entertainment, good food, and beautiful weather. We even got a more scenic tour of the Portuguese countryside than we anticipated, thanks to the bus driver’s detour when he couldn’t find the house.


Aude can’t resist a guy with a cleaver

Matthew and pigs

What is it with Matthew and pigs?


Lina walks up the aisle

Exchange of rings

Darren and Lina exchange rings

Newly married couple walks down aisle

The newly married couple walks down the aisle

Little girl with confetti

Outside the chapel, getting ready to throw her confetti…

Lina's mother

Lina’s mother shares a laugh

Bride and groom with confetti

Darren and Lina, under a shower of flower petals, as they leave the chapel

Aude and Mascha

Aude and Mascha

Mimes in makeup

These two didn’t say much…

Simon, Jill and Aude

Simon, Jill and Aude

Darren catches his breath

Darren catches his breath

Simon and Jill

Simon and Jill

Matthew and Aude

Matthew and Aude


Here comes trouble!



Table decorations

Tables decorations


More table decorations


Wine bottles, lined up and ready to go!


Another table decoration

Best man

Best man

Little boy

Lots of little ones around!

Dance lessons

Dance lessons before dinner

Wedding couple dancing

Darren and Lina show us how it’s done

Funny glasses

Nice glasses, mate.

Cheese plate

Portuguese cheeses after dinner

Lina and Darren share a secret

Lina and Darren share a secret

Happy bride

Happy bride


My twin

Lina dancing

Lina takes the lead dancing

Darren and Lina strut their stuff

Darren and Lina strut their stuff

Dangerous dancing

This goes beyond Dirty dancing — this is downright Dangerous dancing

Little girl with lion makeup


Fire blower

You really shouldn’t mix alcohol and cigarettes.