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And now some pictures for those of you who are more visually-minded (or don’t speak English, or are just too lazy to read all the way through this entry).

Just back after four days in the south of France, where we enjoyed some truly superb weather and managed to sort out a lot of the final details around the wedding. The menu is chosen, the photographer is booked and briefed about what we’d like, we’ve seen the band and we’ve met with the DJ. Incidentally, apologies to anyone coming to the wedding – the DJ was a mandatory requirement of the Chateau (apparently he makes sure the place doesn’t get destroyed) and let’s just say that we don’t exactly share one another’s taste in music. I think we’ll sit Julien next to the DJ and hope for the best…

I also learned that the Mediterranean sun in the middle of the day is a little stronger than we’re used to in the UK. Which is why I mostly look like a lobster in these pictures.

Les Issambres

There may be a million pictures of this view on my blog, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant…


Aude clearly enjoys sitting in the summer sunshine. Much nicer than the cold, rainy weather in England…


Even the busy duties of planning a wedding can’t wipe the smile off Aude’s face!

Aude and her mother

Aude and her mother outside on the patio

Every family has one joker...

Every family has one joker…


Clearly enjoying the fun…

The family in front of the pool

The family in front of the pool


Aude about to go over the edge of the infinity pool…


This is why your mother always told you to put on sunscreen. What you can’t see in the photograph is that my nose is redder than Rudolph’s!

Back at work now, and the treadmill is turning just as fast as it ever was… I’d put my nose to the grindstone if it wasn’t so sunburnt!

Happy Independence Day to all my family and friends in the US. To my British friends, sorry we had to kick your ass all those years ago, but let’s face it – you had it coming to you.

It’s been quite a while since my last blog entry, a testament to the fact that I’ve been very busy at work recently. It’s appraisal time, so on top of my already busy schedule I have to carve out time to write and deliver appraisals for my team. Which means that I suspect I may have worked even more hours than Jerome this week.

Congratulations, incidentally, to Jerome on his promotion to Associate. From now on, he gets to buy the drinks.

We’re off to France today for a long weekend – sadly, not relaxing, but rather taking care of the final details for the wedding. And in an ironic twist (or a testament to our phenomenally poor sense of planning), we’re going to be in France on the one day that the ‘Tour de France’ passes through Canterbury – it hasn’t been in the UK since 1994, and it will be the biggest event Canterbury has seen (or will see) for a long time. Daisy and Calypso will have ringside seats, however, and have promised to tell us all about it when we get back.